Friday, February 6, 2009

Just normal..

For my family and I we have our "meals" (dinner, and any other meal we are home ) together, ALWAYS! There MIGHT be an exception (SOMETIMES) like little Paul is done with his meal before us (or Preston is bugging) and we excuse them early (because Paul and I want to sit and talk alone, while the boys go and play in the other room), but MOST of the time we eat TOGETHER at the table IN the dining room! Sometimes it can get loud (yes we do only have two kids with us at the table:)), but it is what we do and that is just normal for us. We don't sit in front of the TV to eat dinner or find ourselves doing "other" things while we eat, we are sitting together, talking and eating. I'm not saying that we NEVER have taken our dinner over to the living room to watch a movie or show, but its just NOT "our" normal. I enjoy this time together and so does my family. I bring most of all the dinner to the table (drinks, napkins, food, condiments, forks-you get the picture), this way HOPEFULLY we don't have to "get up" to much during eating time, that could be SO distracting.

I added a new table to my dining room yesterday, not sure if it looks right, but its a nice addition to my dining room so that I could bring ALL the food stuff over to the area where we are and NOW we can have more room where we are eating on. I will eventually post a picture sometime soon, so tell me what you think;)

Scenario: After having a bath, TRYING to dress a VERY cranky Preston;

Mom: "Preston are you hungry?"

Preston: Smacking his lips together like he does when he is hungry.

Mom: "Okay we are almost done getting dressed, now when I'm done we are going to eat NUMMYS JUST WAIT!"


Mom: "Okay I'm done (setting him down off the bed) NOW lets go eat dinner!"

Preston: Walking down the hall passing the living room AND the kitchen, straight over to the dining room and opens his high chair tray and tries to climb up, WHINING and smacking his lips together!

That's just OUR normal, even he knows it AND hes only 16months!

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Joshswife said...

How cute he is....I definitely want to see your addition. I love our family dinners....