Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paso Palooza!!

This morning the kids and I (B.P had/got to work yet another Saturday), so we went over to the fair grounds. We walked around and stopped at some of the booths that interested us; the first one L.P made a noodle necklace, and I made a noodle bracelet for Preston, next we entered a Mary Kay raffle HOPING I win:) then over to the Library booth where BOTH the boys won a book. It was a really nice box of books that L.P was allowed to choose from, he chose two Scholastic books for 2ND level readers, one was about our solar system and the other (for brother) was an adventure of two twin babies:) (he said he will read them for Preston). Next over to do a craft from a local church, L.P traced his hand and made a lamb (REALLY cute). We did a few more booths, then went over to the "entertainment", we snacked on popcorn/snow cones and watched the performers (singing). IT was fun! THEN finally Jordan performed a really cute dance (that I DID NOT get:(, but PLAN on getting it from Peachy), then we watched some more dancers and lastly Jordan did another one! It was a lot of fun! We played one game before we left, we waited to long and they were closing up, but L.P was happy that he won a finger puppet:)

We all headed over to have lunch at a mexican resturant, and that was our day!!!!!

Donna enjoying the entertainment!!

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Joshswife said...

"Donna's" hair cracks me up.....she is so cute!!! She looks old though! :(

Looks like you had lots of fun, and it looks WARM. We go from 20-80 degrees in one week, still trying to figure out this weather. :)