Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday fun!

WOW another post, Im good!!!

So on Sunday we went to church (like always), then ate at the Templeton Deli (like always), then headed over to Wal-mart to pick up a "Shop vac" (since ours blew) and of course LOTS of other stuff we just NEEDED:). We had to be at the Karate school for L.P to take group pictures, it was SO hot in there (it was like 90 outside AND 190 inside), SO annoying! After that we went home and picked up some extra clothes and the car wash stuff and then headed to Morro Bay. IT was gorgeous there (much cooler then here, but still about 78). We met my mom at the shop and I cut all of the boys hair, quickly:) THEN we went down to the water front and took a long walk to the beach. After that we went to dinner at a very yummy seafood restaurant "Dockside", I had my regular of clam chowder and coleslaw, mom had shrimp and chips and the guys had fish and chips.
To end our day we came home to wait for a guy that had been working on our lawn mower. I posted an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone would work/fix our mower for CHEAP, and we got a few people respond P and I both agreed that this guy sounded the best. HE PICKED up our mower on Saturday NIGHT at about 9pm (when P was ready for him to come), and had it ready for us Sunday night (when WE were ready for him, he had it ready EARLIER that day but we were obviously not home) and HE brought it to US at about 9:30pm when WE got home!!!!!! AND he only charged us $35!!!!!!! HOW cool is that?!! He was really nice, and did a ton of extras that we did not even ask for. So B.P decided he wanted to give him more money, and when the guy was leaving I guess he counted his money on the way to the car and yelled for P. and said that he had given him to much money, WOW HOW HONEST! God truly blessed us!

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Joshswife said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend....