Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Today was B.P.'s b.day! The kids and I left the house to do some shopping right around the time he was expected home, pre-planned so that he could get a nice nap:) We picked him up when he was ready, and went to eat dinner at Big Bubbas. We had a really nice dinner together, the kids loved it (all the dancing/bull ridin', annimated GIANT Buffalo head, AND even the fish pond!). LP even rode the bull, BUT we did not get any pictures of him (I forgot the camera) he did really good!
We tried to give BP the best B.day, because he is the best Dad and hub. This weekend we will extend the fun with camping (of course BP's favorite thing to do).
Thanks B.P for just being YOU, you are the best in the world, I hope you had a perfect evening out with us!!!!

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Joshswife said...

That's so fun!! Happy Birthday, Paul!! You are a great husband and Dad.