Friday, August 28, 2009


To further celebrate BP's we went over to Morro Bay to camp for the night. We went early Saturday morning and ran around and did a ton of stuff before we went over to our site to set up (about noon). We had the same site that we had last year, its our (MY) favorite one, its right across from the bathroom:) This time I decided that I would like to sleep in the back of my car, REALLY, it "sounded" fun???!!! So BP still decided to set up my BIG tent , he set up another smaller one for Shawn. Later on Peachy, John and Jordan came to play, BUT not to stay over though (not prego mama, they just stood at my mom/dads house). My mom came, and some friends also came to veg out with us and eat, we hung out ALL afternoon, the kids got WAY to dirty, we BBQ a ton of food, and vegged out:)
AND yes I did end up sleeping in the car with the boys, it was OKAY but not to comfortable. We were definitely warm, and NOT cold like usually in our tent, but it was hard on my back (NO air mattress in there). On Sunday we got up WAY to early (before 6) goofed off for awhile before we headed over to Mayas for breakfast (HEY I'm on vacation here).. YUMMY it was good, AND I did not have to clean up the mess;) After we went over to the beach so the kids could play some more, AND we could rest.
The weekend was great, BUT we were REALLY tired afterward:)
Im not going to post all my pictures here, WAY to many, but eventually I will get them posted SOMEWHERE (maybe Facebook or Myspace?)

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