Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My (Mothers day) weekend

Well this is a little late, but better late then never!

Friday we had a full day of running around, then later my brother brought over my nephew Kyler (to spend the night with us), we all went to the store to pick out some treats for everyone (we were going over to Olivia's). BP waited in the car with the boys while I went in with every ones request, I came out with: Pizza, Oreo cookies, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, Sprite, banana cream pie, Lemon meringue pie, chocolate cake, 10 mini Ben and Jerry's ice cream cups, carton of Rocky road ice cream, and chips= VERY hyper kids but VERY happy:)
We hung out at Olivia's, the kids played and ate! We came home about 11:30, and I knew that Kyler and LP would not be sleeping any time soon, so they all had there baths, then I put P. to sleep while K and LP played until almost FOUR in the morning:) They were SO funny, by about 2am they were just cracking up FOR NO REASON, they made me laugh (and it made me remember when I was a kid). I myself just caught up with some over due emails, and shopped around online!! BP and P slept through it all, party poopers!! LOL!!
Early the next morning (WAY TO EARLY) I got up to make some breakfast for the kids, BP had to work:( SO it was just me and the boys, and a nice breakfast spread! The kids played some more, Kyler left about 10:15 because he had Karate class (POOR TIRED KID), then the boys and I took a NAP:)

Later when BP got home we did some Moms day shopping and came home and lounged around outside.
Sunday we went to my moms church in Morro Bay (I use to go to this church way back when for quite a long time, so it was a FLASH BACK to be in there again). This church is really different from mine though, Whats so different you ask? Well lets just say I was sipping on hot chocolate while I sat and listened to the message:) We got to visit and picked out cookies/donuts/coffee etc. before the Pastor preached. It was a great Love message, for us to understand the love God has for us. As Moms we know how much we love our children, well GOD loves us even more! AND I REALLY enjoyed it! It was really kick back, it was fun, and I'm glad I went to be with my mom. After we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant at Cayucos beach, GORGEOUS weather AND yummy food! After we ate we went to do some SHOPPING!! WHOOP!! Fun!! We walked down town, hit up the Cold Stone and all the good stores then ended our shopping day at Old Navy.
We came home and enjoyed some MUCH needed rest:)

It was a good weekend!

(Here they are sleeping with my satin blanket!!)

THE SUN IS IN OUR EYES:) Not the best picture, but its cute, and we are together!

I received some really nice gifts (flowers/clothes etc.), one that I really wanted was a purse (I LOVE IT), but this is what BP did for me AGAIN:) He did a wonderful job... I need to set everything up (pictures, candle holders etc.) but it looks so NICE! This is an accent wall in my living room, right next to the kitchen.

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