Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paul's Grandpa

On Wednesday we left our house about 6PM and headed down to Riverside for Grandpa Joe's memorial service. We got to our Hotel about midnight, which we did NOT like (it was not to MY liking). Paul was my hero:) HE went and TOLD them that his wife did NOT like the room OR the area and that he wanted his money back (not to charge his card) and that we would be leaving! YEAH!! I was thrilled when we arrived at our next room at almost 1 in the morning, it was so NICE! LP and I jumped around the room and hugged BP and thanked him for our much nicer room. The kids were delirious by this time, they jumped on the beds while I unpacked there P.J.'s, and finally we all settled in about 2 AM. We slept in a bit on Thursday since we did not have to be at the cemetery until 1:00. We had breakfast at our Hotel (it was a full waffle bar) so that worked out perfect for us, we all like waffles (AND it was FREE).
The service started at 1:30, so we got there a bit early and was able to visit with BP's family before it started. The service was really nice, BPs dad did most of it, and then it ended with people sharing about different memories. It was a really nice afternoon, the weather was just perfect, and the area was really pretty with all the pretty landscape. After the service we went over to BPs Aunts house for lunch and visited and relaxed. We headed home at about 8PM (a little late, but it was okay), we did not get home until about 1:30 AM!
Paul was very close to his Grandpa, his Grandpa lived with them for some time when they were younger and then Paul lived with him for awhile as a young adult. Paul has a lot of good memories of his Grandpa Joe, and plenty of stories to share with his own boys.... Paul will miss him very much:(


Joshswife said...

Oh, I had no idea. I am so sorry! I am glad it was a "good" time, and that Paul has good memories to share.

I am glad he was your hero in getting you a new room!! You owe him. ;)

sk* said...

1. You know we were behind you when you were on the freeway, right? :-) We thought, "They must be leaving now."
2. We prayed for you guys at church on Wed.
3. Straight hair!
4. Tell BP he looks NICE! :-)

Todd and Nicolette said...

Hi Leona!
I finally checked out your blog- I loved seeing all the pictures! You look great, your hair is so long! I hope to pop in on your blog regularly. It is fun to see how you are doing. I don't update mine as often as I should, but try to note the important stuff. :-)

Lady Dorothy said...

It is a good thing when saying goodbye to loved ones is a precious time.

I agree with SK. BP looks very nice! Have I ever seen him wearing a tie? It should happen more often. He's cute!