Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So Saturday started out to be a nice day, I was on my way over to the Arts festival to see Jordan perform once again. I was driving around and around the "down town" area trying to find a parking. I passed the Library multiple times (each time waving at Bro-in-law John), and back around the park and so on. There were tons of people coming and going, so I was sure I could find a parking close enough so that I did not have to take with me all my stuff (Preston's diapers/sweaters etc. I usually don't mind parking far away, it sometimes is nice walking a bit to your destination, but this particular day, I did not feel like caring around all his junk BUT I wish I did). Well on my attempt to go around the block again, I see a Police officer coming toward me on motorcycle, I looked at him (we made eye contact) AND HE TURNED AROUND!!!!!!!!! I JUST KNEW IT! He was going to pull me over! WHAT FOR? Well as I pulled over, he had his lights on, he came over and asked me "license, registration and insurance" EWWW NOT even a "hello"!! I started to pull out my junk, and asked him WHY he pulled me over????????? He said "WELL, your seat belt was under your armpit" WHAT??? I was SHOCKED! MY ARMPIT!????? I literally asked him if he was serious or not, he was, and he was not humored by my shock either. He continued on by explaining to me that they are really getting strict about the seat belt law "Click it or ticket" and have ZERO tolerance (so NO chance at letting me go) AND wearing your seat belt the "wrong" way is the same thing as NOT wearing it at all! So he gave me the ticket and I asked him how much do tickets like this cost, he said they are about $130 BUCKS! I told him that I WILL be at COURT, he said they could give me a payment plan there. I told him, NO I will be fighting it! He did seem not happy about the me showing up for court, and he tried to change the subject and chat about the economy and payment plans, LOL! OH well!
So after my mom took me to lunch at Chilis with a friend and the kiddos, I was MAD~ so I did a "little" shopping too:)

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