Monday, May 4, 2009

My weekend

I think since I always seem to be writing about my weekends, I will just title the posts "my Saturday" OR "My weekend" and stuff like that:) Its hard for me to come up with a title when I'm posting, I don't know why?

Friday: Story time for Preston (this was his second official class) he did good the first time as well as this time too, he thinks he is so big! After the kids and I went over to Target and had yucky pizza, then walked to Fashion Bug, Ross (L.P wanted a new blanket, a FLUFFY one he said), Michael's back to the car (because I forgot my coupon) and back to Michael's OH AND BACK to Ross (I forgot something). We headed home and stopped by Taco Bell (I know GROSS, all this "fast food", but L.P. was not eating good in the last week and lost a little bit of weight, SO he picked this days food-just a few of his FAVORITE CHEAPER foods ) We then went over to cut Dajas hair:) Came home to B.P laying out a NEW piece of carpet we got FREE from Craig's list (we love our garage, yes we do!) The kids flipped around on the rug:) and L.P played with his neighbor friends, and the rest of the night was a relaxing one! So for Saturday (B.P's FIRST Saturday OFF in a LONG TIME!! WOOOHOO): we left early and ran some errands (one which I did NOT know about, Paul took me to pick out a paint color for my kitchen!). After that we went to eat a quick lunch and headed over to Morro Bay for the car show. We walked around for a long time:) REALLY LONG TIME:) I don't mind car shows, but I'm not to interested in the cars, but B.P and L.P are, I just love to shop at the vender's (this show did not have to many though:( After we had ice-cream at Fosters then went over to my moms shop so I could cut the boys hair AGAIN!
We came home and relaxed in the garage a bit (we do this often, its like our family room, NO joke, I will post pictures of my garage someday with its new carpet). Put the kids to bed AND B.P started painting my KITCHEN FOR ME:) We did not get home until like 7pm and he started painting at 8:30pm!! HES SO NICE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had told him I would like my kitchen painted a new color, so he did it:) YA ME!!
Sunday: Church, lunch, Trader Joe's, Wal-mart, home to play ALL afternoon in the wonderful weather! My Mom and Dad came over to visit with us, B.P. and my Dad talked "shop" (way to much) half the time laying under my dads ole' car! Mom and I just sat around outside with the kids and L.P two little friends. And that was my weekend:)

Is there a bee in my hair?? WHY do they always bug me?

L.P's fav. car!

Here's B.P painting, I love the color! The other pictures (below) I'm ONLY showing you the top part of my Kitchen, SINCE I took these with DISHES on the counter (CAN'T ruin the pictures you know!?!?!)..... I know OCD!

In the pictures below are B.P's photos that I matted and framed, gorgeous huh?


sk* said...

Martha told me she saw you. Dude, we go EVERY week, and the two times I miss, you showed! How come you didn't tell me you were going? Dork.

Leona said...

I did NOT know you went EVERY week, you should have told me YOU DORK:) What day, Friday? We are going Friday AND Monday, see you there?!!

Joshswife said...

How nice your kitchen looks....I think B.P. definitely deserves extra points. :)

I love hearing about your weekends.

Leona said...

Thanks Serena;)