Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 AM!!!!!!

YIKES so lately Phoenix has been falling asleep (for the night) at 3AM!  YES you read it 3AM!  LUCKILY I stay up LATE, but not that late usually ;)  He falls asleep at 3ish (or before by a tad), then will sleep all the way until like 8:30 or 9 then eat then back to sleep instantly until like 12, then eat again then sleep IF I let him ;)  He will go to sleep off and on during the day and some times sleep for 4 hour nap!  YIKES!  Today in particular, he has been sleeping for about 4 hours so far, I woke him up to feed him, and then put him down on the couch, and talked to him and he was smiling and such, but then I got up to do something real quick, came back and he was OUT!   He rarely sleeps when we are out (he is too "busy")  so naps when we are home seem really long, guessing he is making up for sleep he NEEDS...
He cracks me up, smiling in his sleep eyes half open and all TRYING to stay awake ;) LOL!  Well he was REALLY good for the first 3 weeks or so, sleeping from like 10ish until like 5 and napping during the day, but now he is a little pill bug, but it's OK he is just too cute for words, so I will just go to bed REALLY late these nights (and TRY and sleep in), just him and I :)

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