Friday, August 12, 2011

Good night afterall

So I think I spoke (blogged) too soon ;)  Phoenix has been sleeping great once again, YIPPEE!  He actually went to sleep last night by 10 and did not wake up until 4, then back to sleep before I could even really wake up, and not up again until after 8, to that I dozed off until 9 (with him next to me) and woke up to realize he was back sleeping again :)   I got up and made breakfast and almost ate before he woke up for good... YEAH for a good sleeping baby!  LP was NOT a good sleeper, but he was my first and I could barely remember it ;)  I could sleep in with him until noon if I wanted, so no big deal.  Phillip slept really well, but he was difficult in the fact that I was NOT really allowed to "let" him sleep, because of his heart condition I HAD to wake him up every couple of hours (or he would have slept ALL night).  And feedings were LONG and difficult, but by 6 months or so he was all better and a good sleeper (with an occasional night feedings).  NOW P. on the other hand, OMW he was HORRIBLE ;)  He woke (well never really slept) every hour and did not really sleep in between, he fussed all night long.  I remember looking at the clock and thinking WOW I got a whole 20 minutes of sleep :)  BUT mind you he was like this until he STOPPED nursing AT 3 HA HA HA!!  He is just a little difficult ;)  So I guess I am just so excited to have a baby sleep more then 3 hour stretches at a time, SO nice to me Phoenix!

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