Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little "oink oinks"

3 pounds of grapes within an afternoon?  GOODNESS!  These kids eat so much, BUT not necessarily at one time, they take after me in this department, they just eat ALL day :)  They eat 3 SMALL meals each day, but they graze on (healthy, not ALWAYS healthy BUT mostly healthy) snacks in between about 3-4 times a day also!  BUT I dont really mind, this is what keeps the metabolism healthy!  I DO give my kids treats and let them indulge in them right along with me, I think this makes them NOT feel deprived because IF so deprived when given the chance they would OVER indulge.. Make sense?!  NOT TONS of treats everyday, but if I am "treating" in front of them, they get to also (IF they want to, mind you they are NOT real big sweet eaters, THAT they get from their dad) :)  AND one thing  I HATE is portion sizes and forcing kids to EAT it?  This makes me wonder what they will be eating when they are older, STRETCHING their tummy's?  I like to "portion" their foods, and they have to eat the amount, but NEVER do I over load their plates and MAKE them eat it... Makes NO sense..  WHY do we want our kids to OVEREAT?   USE judgement when it comes to portions and what they eat :)  Just on my mind today thinking of them carrying around an entire basket of grapes while playing and EATING them all in an afternoon (as their snack) ;)

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