Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh my goodness, tonight I decided to take the boys OUT to dinner to Wienersnitzel..  What fun!  I think I had more fun then them :)  I did not have to cook! LOL!  OK so we were sitting down eating and P. (my naughty BUT OH SO FUNNY little boy) is looking past me (behind me) and says to me "mom there is an OLD lady looking at me".   I told him TRYING NOT TO LAUGH, "THAT IS NOT NICE, say sorry to her", he proceeds to explain to me, that she IS old, what is wrong with that, and that his Uma Linda told him to say "older" NOT old but (as he explains to me) "you ARE "older" then me, but your NOT "OLD" so why do I have to say "older", the lady right there (POINTING AT HER) is "OLD"....  AHHHHH OH GREAT!!   BY this time, I am just cracking up, I can hardly stand it.. I FELT SO BAD though!  He then told me she WAS laughing at him.. .OH GOOD ;)  I DID NOT even want to turn around to face her!! AND IF you know P. he is LOUD when talking, his talking is YELLING (we often joke he is deaf or something).
AFTER all of this laughter and shooshing and stuff, L.P. decides to change the subject OR something (I dont know?) so his way of changing the subject he says "Cool mom, that is cool"... I say, "WHAT is COOL?"  He then says "that you have one more rib then me"... LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL  I could NOT even deal with that, I cracked up!  Side note, we had recently studied (again) in Genesis for a lesson in our church and had got into some discussion about the ribs etc.  BUT WHY NOW??? LOL!!  
OH MY KIDS are SO FUNNY!!!    Well after our dinner we had some ice-cream and then went to Target.  I was more then a little brave to take them without B.P., yes it IS only 3 of them, but P. is a little out of sorts when we go out, MORE then a little some times, BUT tonight he was EXCELLENT!!  I was so proud of him!!!  AND my HUGE help L.P.!  Thank you Lord for a great evening with my boys!  OH and Monkey boy (AKA Phoenix) was good as ever, he is a GOOD baby :)

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liverspot said...

OMG!That is soooo funny!I would have started wheezing after laughing so hard!lol