Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couple of days back "home"

This past week (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)  we came down again to the Central coast!  Tuesday we went to Peachys house and visited, Lindsey and Steve AND the new baby came too.  Later that day we went to eat at Senor Sanchos w/the Adams family ;)  We finished our day at my parents house with a bbq of our FAV foods, my mom is the BOMB at bbqn' chicken ;)  YEAH!

Wednesday we got up early to my moms YUMMY breakfast with a cup of coffee waiting for me, my mom is WONDERFUL to us when we come!  We went to the beach to meet my friend Stephanie and her girls, the kids had a wonderful time playing together looking for crabs and playing tag :)  After the beach time we went over to Olivias house and hung out there, then after to my in-laws house.  We ended our day back at my moms house a little late and tuckered out :)  

Thursday was the last day to be in town, we got up early and went to get doughnuts and take a quick visit to my bro-in laws place of work.  After we went for a birthday lunch at Mayas restaurant, BP is the big 35!!  We drove up to Paso and did a quick couple of stops before heading home :(  It was a good drive back, but the heat was INTENSE and NOT what we were looking forward to.... BOOOO!  But we made it home safe and sound, and it was good to be in our home again ;)  Here are some fun pictures from our days...
Our days are definitely FULL when we come down, and it is HARD to see everyone :(  This is the hardest part of coming, is the leaving and not getting to see everyone I want to see SO badly.. :(

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liverspot said...

If you would have stood for 2 more days,the temperature was only 72!